Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pain and pinch

You'll no doubt be ecstatic to hear that the Mogworld launch at the Mana Bar went very well. When I left at around 8:30 we'd sold all but 8 of the 100 copies we had in stock, and I'm going to assume forthrightly that the rest all got shifted after I left and people had a few more drinks. The exclusive group of people who now actually possess and have read / are reading Mogworld has grown significantly. When will YOU be joining this elite category?

Anyway, this week's ZP covered the absolutely unforgivably bad Kane & Lynch 2. Whoops! Spoiled it.

Also, here's a link to yesterday's Extra Punctuation, because I forgot. It's about Hideo Kojima and his terrible mistreatment of titties.

"In Metal Gear Solid 1 and 2 women only really existed to die some mawkishly tragic death at some point, with the closest things to romance in the series taking place largely between men, but this is no worse than, say, most action movies. And it's considerably more progressive than a lot of stuff that comes out of Japan, the country where sex crime is the foundation of the entertainment industry."


  1. I've noticed Hideo Kojima really seems to love his name, as it shows up in pretty much all the MGS games at least six times. I wouldn't be surprised if everyone on his team had to wear Hideo Kojima name tags.

  2. > The exclusive group of people who now actually
    > possess and have read / are reading Mogworld has
    > grown significantly. When will YOU be joining
    > this elite category?

    As soon as Amazon can be bothered to ship the bloody thing!

  3. I'm going to go ahead and post a non-specific comment, because I can't find another way to communicate across the planet!

    1. As a non-gamer/game-voyeurist, your reviews are still something I look forward to every week.

    2. This week's review actually made me shift uncomfortably, as though I were the one made to suffer such a game.

    3. Given that I were independently rich, I would pay you any named price to have you narrate one day of my life. Just saying...erm, typing.

  4. Me too.
    Have you played through
    "Amnesia: Dark Descent" yet?
    Its scarier than Condemned and I am only 2 hours in.

  5. Sadly I liked Kane & Lynch 2 just for having the balls to make it "gritty and visceral", and by that I mean "show some artistic direction". Something all games should do rather than generic cut & paste characters, environments and themes. I actually loved the story up to, and including the "thousand cuts" scene.... then nothing? That was a brilliant first act then nothing happened. No 2nd or 3rd act in sight. Just repeat, repeat, repeat. By the helicopter I welcomed the change but as you pointed out, that thing tore a gaping moon sized hole in the plot's "believeability"(?).

    I wont be playing any MGS game. Not after the first one where I spent 20 minutes FAST FORWARDING TEXT CONVERSATIONS!!! Japanese games leave me cold. Stupid characters with pointless or no sensible motivations other than "that's what I do". WAAAAY too much pointless chat that adds nothing, like a poor literature student padding their first story in the hope they shit gold at some point (monkeys and typewriters method).

    Some common elements in the mentality of all Japanese developed games seems to be 1. Performing your job without questionin the logic or purpose of it 2. Treating women as whore/madonnas of innoccence who deep down want to be raped. They certainly don't view them as "humans" like us men. Like the flawed logic of a rapist who says "It's her fault I raped her!" 3. Deathly afraid of non-conformity and 4. a focus on group dynamics rather than an individual the lone hero (but that's been shown in psych studies to be the case for most Asian cultures).

    Have to say I'm surprised it was a cruise you went on? I only have two possible explanations a) you spend so much time happily shackled to desk or couch that the thought of "travelling" was only possible when you could travel without actually leaving your hotel room. Or b) Despite not feeling the touch of a women for some time, the promise of said touch by a particular women led you to compromise. She wants to go out and have fun, you want to stay home and have... fun... of sorts. A cruise is the only time those goals aren't mutually exclusive. I hope she's worth it Yahztee, you know they're all sub-human monster whores whose saving grace is their innoccence (until they get a 45 foot armoured power suit).

  6. I like Hitman for being a consistently adequate series. I don't like it when people defend games like Kane and Lynch by saying that stupid tagline "Real ain't pretty" or "it's meant to be gritty and crude." Comparing Hitman to Kane and Lynch, you play as misanthropic vile fiends in both games; however, Agent 47, who maybe a cloned killing machine, has that soft childlike innocence that the player feels some empathy for him since he is retarded child in this adult world.

    Then again, this all might be BS and the Hitman series has nothing deep to offer but great level designs.

    Personally, I think Contracts is the best game for its ambitious storytelling and narrative even though some guy at IO probably just stole the idea after watching Memento.

  7. Ah, I'm glad it's not just me who found ... well, pretty much every scene with a woman in it in MGS4 deeply uncomfortable. I'm not sure whether my favourite part was the open-to-the-navel shirts in the Prague winter night, or the 'curing' the mentally ill boss-loons by assaulting the shit out of them.

    I know it's kind of your thing, but man, that was one hell of a skewering of Kane & Lynch 2. I'll take your word for it.

  8. I was in a Best Buy and saw Braid for sale at $20 (American). I was a little surprised, especially considering I beat the game in seven hours. Near it, I saw Kane and Lynch 2 for sale for three times that amount, a game that is apparently SHORTER. Furthermore, when I heard I only played Braid for seven hours, I woulda swore it was longer than that.

    It's clear we're getting ripped off, but is this preferable to a game that's hopelessly padded and stuffed with filler?


    Amazon just sent me email saying the delivery of Mogworld has been delayed again to October 13.

    Grrr, I say, grrr...

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