Tuesday, November 12, 2013

That Most Talkative Jam

So you may have noticed I've done a bit of rearranging on the front page. Steer your eyeballs portside and you'll note there's a new link for the Jam audiobook. Basically that was the announcement. Hey! The audiobook version of my second novel, Jam, is now available from iTunes and Audible.com! A lot of people were asking about it and we got it out just in time for the holidays. It's my classic tale of an alternative apocalypse, fully unabridged and read by my good friend myself, published by Open Book Audio just like Mogworld was. Click the big image below if you consider the sidebar button beneath you.


Also, here's a link to the Amazon page in case you're not interested in the audio version but were suddenly reminded that you need to pick up a Kindle or physical copy of Jam, and who could blame you.

I might as well also use this post to mention that I may have another announcement soon. I'm working on another game with Game Maker, and am thinking of putting out a beta version sooner rather than later to get some feedback, then using that feedback to make a larger, final version to try putting out for actual money. Ho yes, now that I'm a fully grown up and mature professional creative I'm starting to realise that perhaps I should endeavour to find some compensation for time frittered away on solo game projects. Watch this space.


  1. Sweet, new game.
    I figured you'd be working on some weird horror novel or something now that your writing's taken off.
    Anyway, I liked Chzo and Poacher an'all that so, yeah, cool.

  2. I already bought, read (twice) and sold Jam...Suppose I'll buy the audio book...Because I appreciate you, as a creative, if nothing else.

  3. i'm gonna look into buying a physical copy at some point but,
    what kind of game are you making?
    can you atleast describe roughly what you intend to make with as many empty promises as possible?

  4. Excellent! I was a huge fan of the audio version of Mogworld. Glad to hear that Jam is coming out in the new version as well.

  5. New game huh? Count me in, considering the previous efforts quality. Would totally beta that and buy it.

  6. Awesome, I'm looking forward to your new game Big Dicked Werewolves.

  7. sweet! A new Yahtzee game! As a part of my coursework I am supposed to create a blog of my own choice and I decided to base mine on indie games and I would love to write about your new game if at all possible!

  8. Loved Mogworld audio book and I'm sure I'll love Jam just as much! Thanks =D

  9. Just bought the Kindle version of Jam. Probably going to buy the audiobook tomorrow as well. It'll give me something to listen to while I doze off in a pile of spreadsheets at work. Keep up the great work Yahtzee!

  10. will buying your book validate my own failed artistic attempts at professional panhanding? (rattles cup)

  11. as my first book on audible, this was free for me,
    and I strongly consider buying the book now even if I have to pay the imports fees.
    I lost all my saturday listening to your voice. this work is amazing
    this was so awesome !

  12. Bought it. Read it. Read it again. Loved ut

  13. Great review, needed this. Love this game.

    Like your blog, keep it up doing great work!



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  16. I can't believe you haven't announced your book is in the top tier on the current humble book bundle! Despite Terry Goodkind also being in the bundle, I think I'll purchase it to get yours and some of the other interesting reads.

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