Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Happy Valentines Here's A New Book

Will Save The Galaxy For Food is now out!

My latest book, published by Dark Horse Books, has been released as of February 14th 2017! It's an exciting sci-fi adventure about all the usual exciting sci-fi things: obsolescence, redundancy, hopelessness and despair. It's also a comedy! Ha ha. Here are all the ways you can get it:

The print version! Stick it next to print versions of my previous books and marvel at how much bigger it is and how much it's fucked up the layout of your shelf.

The ebook version! The flashy technologically advanced version for cool skateboarding modern youths and people who care a bit too much about their shelf layout.

The audiobook version! Since it's out on Valentine's Day, what better way to inspire some sizzling erotic bedroom adventures than by listening to my voice for ten hours straight?

Or just pop on down to your local real life book retailer and see if they've got it in. This ain't no small time publication, I mean, they don't let any old tat into the Amazon Best Books of the Month (Sci-fi and Fantasy). Preen preen.


  1. yay first!...anyway got the audiobook :D cheers cant wait

  2. Pity Mana Bar Melbourne is shut, I got your last two books for free at Trivia Night back then. Jam was...average.

  3. I got the book in the mail today and literally said "Dammit! This is twice as big as the other two books and will fuck up the layout of my shelf!" and then I read this blog post and laughed my ass off.

    On a more important note, I love the new book! :)

  4. Thanks! Got the audio book and pre-ordered the paper back.

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