Saturday, August 7, 2010

We are the dead

Well, it just goes to show, doesn't it. You spend 27 years not getting a single work published in a physical format (save magazine articles but magazines are dead, right, kids) then all of a sudden, two come along at once. Mogworld is my debut novel getting published this month (officially on August 18th, but I've seen quite a few book stores will only be stocking it after the 31st, so order online to get it first), but I've also received word about this:

"After a long year of excitement, disappointment, renewed excitement, continued disappointment, thickheadedness, obstinacy and relief, we are pleased to announce that Machine of Death will be officially released this October by Bearstache Books, the boutique printing arm of Wondermark Enterprises."

Machine of Death is a short story collection set in a world where everyone knows how they're going to die. It was compiled by Ryan North (of Dinosaur Comics), Matthew Bennardo and David Malki (of other things), who sent out a call to all the people in internet land for contributions. And one of the selected short stories was mine. A light little piece about spin and corruption in British politics with a singularly massive ignorance for the actual workings of British politics. I'd submitted it so long ago (pre-ZP, I think) that I'd almost forgotten about it. But now apparently it's coming out.

If you've got some pocket money left over after buying copies of Mogworld for all your friends, family and pets, then I highly recommend you pick up Machine of Death as well. It's got contributions from some of the freshest young talents on the internet. So God knows why they let me in it.


  1. Ack! It's not listed on Amazon yet! What do I do?!

  2. Literary magazines are actually at their all-time high right now. I assume, since you say "articles," you're not talking about literary magazines, however. But to anyone who is serious about writing fiction, poetry or creative nonfiction, magazines and journals are where you're going to be sending your material.

    Also, not to take anything away from the fun of the story collection, but "freshest young talents on the internet" is a bit of a stretch when you consider that A) the work is genre-fiction and B) the person making this claim isn't exactly a renowned member of the literary community. I'm not saying no one will enjoy it, but let's not give misconceptions about what is good writing and what isn't.

  3. Story Ben? So you remember Toonstruck the point & click game for the PC? Well the owner is interested in releasing the 2nd half of the game as a sequel now that his career has developed and he has the cash for it.

    Sign the petition and make reference to it in one of your articles or videos so as to promote awareness of this project. Then we can all get our Toonstruck sequel and be happy.

    Good man yourself.

  4. Hey Yahtzee, I went to the website to check out the book and I laughed when I found the post where they mentoned that you were added to the collection. Nice choice of "death" my good sir, I cannot wait to read it.

  5. "I see dead people" - Cole Sear after reading virtualy all works of fiction by Yahtzee.

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