Saturday, February 11, 2012

Show & Tell Returns

Yes, that subject line is by no means pulling your pud. Gabriel is back in town (actually he's been back in time for a while but we've been very tired) and he and I recorded yet another horrible podcast together. Sorry, that sentence should probably have ended with an exclamation mark because you're all so excited. Here it is. !

Show & Tell Podcast 3 by yahtzee19

On this podcast we kind of found it impossible to stick to one subject for any length of time (we're trying to think of more disciplined variations to the format) but the starting topics were sunburn, movie novelizations and Fisherman's Friends. The ending topics tended to be too unpleasant to mention, so don't listen to this with your Auntie Pam.

Also, in case you missed it, I talked about Poacher a wee bit in one of my Extra Punctuation columns a while back. Here it is.


  1. I love these podcasts. Thanks again Yahtzee and Gabe.

  2. Fan-dabby-babulous! The timing could not be better! Now I have something to listen to on my flight to Boston tomorrow!

    (BTW, it's been about seven and a half months since the last podcast :-).)

  3. Yeah I'm actually really into Podcasts as a medium, this being one of my favourites along with the Australian Gamer podcast. Unfortunately neither of them are regular. But oh well, thankful for it all the same. Hooray for being one of the 12 abused listeners.

  4. Twelve people? Yes, I'm number five then! It certainty was something interesting to listen to at 2:30 in the morning.

  5. Wooty! I had actually given up hearing you two rant and rave for all to hear again. Of course I could just go down the street to the Mana Bar and hear it there like some incredibly creepy stalker...

    ...anyway. It's good to hear a less structured inane rambling from Yahtzee for a change.

  6. You may update your blog rarely, but when you do, it's worth cheeking it out. :) Also I just read your column about Derek Badger, and it got me very excited about it. Especially the "shoot switches to ... make liquids flow out of pipes" part.
    And I think your pixel art is great. As it was in 1213 or in any other of your endeavors. I wish I could make half as good pixel art as you did 5 Days A Stranger. Okay, it may not stand up to the best-of-the-best that the Internet has to offer (read: talented unemployed collage dropouts who live with their parents), but it's still really good stuff.

  7. Just finished the podcast, and i just wanted to say that you kinda undersold time enough for love, the book didnt just had a lot of incest, it actully invented whole new categories of incests. out of the top my head, Lazarus long(the main character) had sex with two female clones of himself, them went back in time and had sex with his mother while she was pregnant with him.

  8. I was planning to kill myself tonight but then I saw you've made another podcast and I'm no longer in the mood.

    Fuck you, Yahtzee.

  9. YES! I love these podcasts, please keep them up whenever you find time!

  10. finally I've been waiting months

  11. Hey guys, not dead yet (no one cares). The reason for male societies being more sexually repressed is that outwardly branding sexuality as something bad is a good way to obtain and keep all the high quality sexual conquests for yourself. It's an evolutionary social tactic, or rather it's speculated to be. It doesn't occur in women because as long as they can mate with the cream-of-the-crop they don't really give half a shit, them not being sexually liberal was rather disadvantageous when we were riding dinosaurs and whatever.

  12. I thing it was "black" that started the FPS era of grey/brown, shoot the other military guys in a environment that takes some damage.

  13. Huzzah, another podcast!!!! Brilliant stuff ^.^

  14. and i thought that you guys fell off the face of the earth
    great podcast :)

  15. One of the twelve!
    Happy to make it through another one.
    Do keep it up, however untimely.

    Today I learned of Fishermen's Friend and how you both seem to be most at ease talking about girls eating poo.

  16. you know what i think is fucked? books about games, not games that were made after a book got made but the other way around

  17. And fight club is mother fucking awesome!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I love these things, you two are so freaking weird. I thought maybe you'd stopped them because you were just getting 12 comments each time saying "WTF UR SO FUKED UP LOLZ". I'm glad that isn't the case. Or, if it is, you just don't care.

  19. Long time reader / Z.P listener, first time commenter.
    Brilliant stuff as per usual, really glad you two are continuing with these! Brilliant inspiration to those lesser-podcasters (such as myself...) out there too.

  20. Fuck Gabriel is a faggot.

    Get on the Escapist Podcast, Yahtzee.

    1. Just because Gabriel doesn't have "internet fame" Doesn't make him not entertaining or a faggot, which is also an insult used by homophobic ignorant children who haven't been taught that gays aren't unnatural.

  21. Good stuff, keep it going(and more often).

  22. God these always make me laugh. It's always a bit awkard too, since it's always like 4:00 AM where I am when I listen to these, so I have to try and muffle my rather manic laughter.

    Always appreciated, guys. Can't wait for the eventual next one.

  23. Hope you do another one of these podcasts in the future. It was great fun to listen to

  24. One of the 12.

    Structure is not important, I actually like the random first episode the best.

    A regular slot would be awesome. Till then I’ll keep returning for more of this abusive relationship.

  25. Wonderful podcast! A genuine pleasure to hear you two erudite chaps kick the conversational can around.

    Thought I'd respond. Several cool concepts masticated during the podcast AFAIC:
    * generations raised by the Internet and resultant sexual/social norms. Porn exists to titillate with the forbidden.
    Once you've got near-free access to the most bizarre stuff imaginable, vanilla will become the new thing, then we'll get bored and want triple-breasted scat porn again.

    * why male-dominated societies are so repressive-duh-we're competitive and if good sex can be had without doing all the frat-boy proving yourself shit, society'd pretty much fall apart.

    * For me novelizations gave adolescent me a chance to explore more stuff about third thug from the left or a lot more about what was behind what went down onscreen.
    Alan Dean Foster's bread and butter was novelizations of Star Wars and other SF movies in the 1970's. He did Alien as well, IIRC. Since the Marvel SW comics were dreadful, the "novels" gave my geeky self a guilty SW fix until the next movie. Then, I got laid and lost all interest!

    * Robert A Heinlein's one of my favorite authors b/c he went there, did some really interesting socially-extrapolative stuff. (Never mind the era when a stroke made hasty pudding of his ability to write 1985-1996, though one of his later books
    "Job: A Comedy of Justice" is worth checking out.

    * With you on the unsurprising news Chuck Palahniuk's gay.
    IDK how much he struggled with it when he wrote "Fight Club", but his later novels, Monster and so forth, you couldn't miss it.
    IMO, he and Douglas Coupland both were ironic observers were one-trick literary ponies.
    Good at capturing the social scene/Zeitgeist, but not all that good at resolving whatever conflict was portrayed in their novels or moving on from whatever psychological hairball they couldn't avoid hacking up every time.

  26. Hey guys, late to the party but I guess I am the 13th, I don't check obsessively but I do check. The internet generation and their porn, etc. thing is actually quite and intelligent thing to work if from nothing else than a censorship point of view.

    My big thing being someone who remembers pre-internet time, is social media ruining most social skills. I know my nieces and their friends are obsessed with facebook, etc., yet I rarely ever see them actually engage in person to person events with their friends. That's weird to me, and I seem to see it at least semi-frequently.

    Regardless, post these whenever (monthly? weeky? yearly?) I find it an entertaining usage of near an hour.

  27. Keep em coming, I like the format because it ends up with Gab digressing then yahtzee scolding him for going into 8 yr. olds splattered and cum and bumming guard dogs.

  28. The current explanation for why patriarchies are more sexually repressed, and matriarchies are more sexually free, is because of the parents of the children. The head of a family, women in matriarchies, men in patriarchies, only want to raise their own children, and not the offspring of another. This is easily done in matriarchies, because it is obvious who the mother of a child is, because she gives birth to the child, and therefore it doesn't matter how many sexual partners anyone has, the mother is obviously the mother. On the other hand, in patriarchies, it is very difficult for men to know whether or not the child they are raising is actually theirs. So, in order to make sure that they aren't raising some other man's child, they have to limit the sexual freedoms of women, but this means that by limiting the women, they also have to limit the men. An interesting side note, scientists found that babies are more likely to look like their fathers when born than their mothers, because men would be less likely to kill the child if they could see a similarity to themselves in the child, because it made them think it was their child.

  29. I have an Axolotl! Trying not to be overtly patronising, but also trying to explain in ways that everyone could understand. Amphibians nearly all have a juvenile 'tadpole stage' and then go through metamorphosis into a mature 'frog stage'.

    Axolotls are a type of Salamander that have evolved to mature without having to go through metamorphosis. So they're a big tadpole with legs and a smiley face, lol.

    Some have little to no pigmentation, and you can see their organs through their skin.

    The most interesting thing is that they have a wolverine-like healing factor in that as long as they can survive the wound they can heal it with complete functionality, like their spine being broken or even parts of the heart or brain being removed. They could change the future to medicine, they could create a spiderman-esque villain called the Axolotl. If I get onto a regenerative medicene MRes I'll let ya know!

    Keep the podcasts coming; they make me feel slightly less concerned about my own topic choices, and also provide me with good vagina analogies for politically incorrect party topics!


  30. How do I get this beast now that Soundcloud has stopped hosting it? Also, make more. Now.

  31. Piss my Aunts name is "Auntie Pam", short for Pamela. but still holy shit.