Wednesday, July 11, 2012

No involvement by Brian Cox

What time is it? It's Let's Play Manhunter time! And apparently the reason why it took so long is because Gabriel couldn't play it for more than ten minutes at a time without falling into some kind of trance.

EDIT: And here's the second part. I'm now of a resolution to not upload any videos longer than an hour, because it feels cruel to hog more than the average person's lunch break.


  1. I just clicked through to youtube and saw pages of comments. I always thought we were the special ten or twenty people who cared about these :/ Ah well.

    Also, in regards to the Mycroft Holmes reference, he didn't go on to mention that the reason people sat about doing nothing all day is because it was an opium den.

  2. I can see why Gabe took so long recording this. This is an atrociously bad game.

  3. Oh god, that was terrible. I LOVED IT!

  4. Oh god, I can't believe there's another game that makes my eyes bleed like Hugo 2 did.

    Well worth the wait though keep it up :)

  5. For some reason after watching that I feel incredibly tired. Thanks for at least temporarily curing my insomnia. Looking forward to watching part 2.

  6. I personally think it's fine to have more than an hour video.

  7. Okay, fine.
    Lets jsut keep doing it like this.

  8. This game looks horrible. Usually the games seem bad, but not this bad. I would never have made it this far.

  9. With respect to video editors, I've had pretty good luck with Kdenlive. There's no Windows version, but Linux Mint or Ubuntu installs are utter cake these days. You can use it to create a ZP-style slideshow (I speak from personal experience), or do somewhat more sophisticated video composition. Handling a Let's Play should be no trouble for it at all.

    Also recently released is a little goodie called Flowblade. I haven't been able to try it out yet (incompatible libmlt requirements), but it looks reasonable for a first release.

  10. After posting the above, I got a brainwave and actually managed to get Flowblade to work. "It's cute," is about the nicest that can be said for it, but it's definitely not yet ready for prime time. Shows a lot of promise, though. Given that it's written mostly in Python, I expect it will progress quickly.

  11. Oh, just thought I'd mention this. In America, employers can just train you to use a forklift. No official certification required (although it does exist.)

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Love these videos, thank you Yahtzee and Gabriel! I would liek to see more please!

  14. I miss the podcasts, but the games are fun to watch. what I wouldn't do to be in on the talking with you both, would be lots of fun.


  15. Fantastic work. I love all these obscure/shitty point and clicks.

  16. I think I might call it a bad Let's Play when you lose interest in the game and start chatting. Don't do a game that BORES you.

  17. There is a Ghost rider game, i saw i friend play it on the ps2 once, then i called him a bitch because it was boring, then i got drunk and played guitar hero, summarizing, Ghost rider game sucks, but its a thing, its what i though of Inversion, how the fuck did anybody give them money to do that, maybe the same people that give money to the umbrella corporation, and i cant figure out whats more stupid, ''we will turn our staff in zombies'' or ''we will make Gears of War again, but more boring, worse, and you will be killing the guys from gears of war instead of just being them, also there are only three bosses that you kill over and over again'' but i digress.

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  20. Really hope you do more let's plays!
    & if not then please say that you're stopping so that I can stop loitering around this page)

  21. Let's see it's been...bout a good month now give or take a few decades and still jack shit. At least he takes his being a dick act seriously

    1. It's like making a souffle; right ingredients, patients, and absolutely no talking during the baking process. Otherwise you are just a run of the mill dick cake thats all deflated.

  22. Hey numbnuts even though Im a certified identified user of the GuuSphere I cant seem to follow this blog Whats up with the under heated seafood Loved your anti evolutionary concepts liked Mog, new book ok, will investigate Now retroactively removing all punctuation from this post to make sure it adheres to your strict standards hiups almost put a dot in there again PostScriptum thanks for weird play vids Bri

  23. Ok I just had to do it ( process to follow blog ) with a bit more effort. Curses on effort! Own page, follow blog? Two clicks and associated brain usage? Maaan....

  24. Yahtzee and Gabriel you are great. Thanks for this video.
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  25. Gabriel and Yahtzee, I know you're probably not even reading this, but for what it's worth, I made that Happy Phil fan art you were requesting:

    Now I'd be exhilarated if you felt like uploading a new LP some day - they're doing wonders for my productivity! :)

    1. I understand what ya mean they're great to listen to if you got a project going on I've been listening to a combination of these lets plays and the new brentalfloss CD while I've been doing some paintings for desert bus 6

    2. WAS about to go to sleep. should have known better. Artwork is fantastic, great job!

    3. hey thanks man, it was well worth the *checks calendar* 4 months of work
      sorry about intruding yer sleep and all, now i just need to get these out the door before my move this saturday

    4. Hey, that's really good!
      I've also made a drawing of Phil's happy face,
      And I'm pretty pleased with the result:

  26. The insatiable Sarlacc Pit that is the internet demands more!!!!!

  27. Ben, I'd really like to talk to you about hiring you for freelance work. Do you have a way to contact you?

  28. Where's the next LP? I'm dying here!

  29. Mr. Yahtzee, I'd like to suggest, apropos of nothing, that you might do well in reviewing some of the projects on display on steams brand new "greenlight" method of picking games (I'd give you a link for it, but it's too long and I think you can find it by yourself, eh?). Maybe you'd also like to submit your own game; you have one of those, right?

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