Saturday, September 21, 2019

Will Update This Blog For Likes

Whoops, it's way past time I updated the site with my new book.

Will Destroy The Galaxy For Cash is coming out on on September 26th 2019, but it's available to preorder whenevs. As with Differently Morphous, it's an Audible Original, so there's only an audiobook version now and there'll be a print and ebook version later. At some point. Don't want to commit to a date right now but it has to be six months at the very least.

WDtGfC is a first for me, because it's a direct sequel to my third book, Will Save The Galaxy For Food. All my books up til now have been one-off stories (although I'm fixing to write future books in the Differently Morphous continuity as well). For a long time I was leary about sequels and serials, because I remember going to sci-fi and fantasy bookshops as a kid and only finding Books 2 and 4 of the Breakwind Chronicles or whatever, but eventually I accepted that this is much less of an issue in this age of binging on digital media. Besides, saving myself the trouble of coming up with new characters was nice.

So, click the cover art above and buy Will Destroy The Galaxy For Cash for another instalment in the life of the out-of-work space hero currently named Dashford Pierce, as a new set of complications turn his life upside down, although his life was already turned upside down when quantum tunneling was invented, so if anything this could put his life the right way up.

By the way, are you following Yahtzee's Dev Diary on the Escapist? For reasons too complicated to go into here, I've pledged to exercise my indie game dev muscles by developing 12 games in 12 months. At time of writing game 5 of 12 is soon to be released for free download and I'm still basically sane for now, but we've seven months to go and anything could happen. You might as well check it out 'cos it's the main reason I haven't started on any new books lately.


  1. Nice, I'm looking forward to it. Here before the wacky foreign health bots.

  2. YES! I love your writing and am seriously looking forward to this! Had no idea you were working on a new book.

  3. Ah! Updates are fun aren't they! Much love yah-uh-ha-ts-de, time to break the cereal block, scrape the sheets, and see if a beggar can survive the food apocalypse. Mine's an Ester Ransom, hold the bleach!

  4. Cool, can't wait to give it a listen. Will Save the Galaxy for Food was great.

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  6. Hey Yahtz, any idea if WDTGFC will make its way on to iTunes store in the near future?

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