Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Quick update

 Will Destroy The Galaxy for Cash is now available in print and eBook edition! I updated the sidebar with the links, but here's another one anyway just because I love you.


  1. Already ordered! Now owning all first print editions of your printies. Yessss. Looking forward to reading.

    cheers from Vienna.

  2. I wish this book was available in audio format outside of audible, happily paid for all the others but it gets on my tits that audible want a constant subscription paid just to allow me to access it.

  3. Now I'll finally get around to reading it! Also could you do some sort of sequel to Jam? Easily my favorite book of yours if not one of my favorites of all time. I've reread it multiple times and is my go-to book for if the library is closed and I need something to hold me over until I get new books. Either way, love ya lotz Yahtz