Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Big Post With All The Panels On It

Well, I've literally just arrived back from Escapist Expo, in case you were looking for an explanation for why there's no Zero or Extra Punctuation this week. It's 'cos I spent all last week in North Carolina being handsome and wonderful. Here's proof!

My Favourite Game (click here for video)

This was the first panel I was on, and the first panel of the expo, in which I, Graham Stark, Jim Sterling, Gavin Dunne and Cory Rydell discuss our favourite games. Watch as I get a bit too into talking about my extremely predictable choice.

QA With The Escapists #1 (click here for video)

With the microphone situation slightly improved, the first day closed with a basic Escapist Q&A with all the above names as well as Paul Saunders, Moviebob, Chris Pranger and Dr. Mark Kline.

Fanboyism (click here for video)

Things got heavier on my first panel of the second day as I rejoined Jim Sterling - with whom I was developing a curiously natural stage chemistry - as well as Paul, Bob and Dr. Mark to discuss fanboyism and why people are shit.

The Hour of Love (click here for video)

And here's the big one, the Hour of Love with me and Jim (and also, from half way onwards, a slightly hungover Moviebob) are forced against our will to think of something positive to say about entities suggested by the audience. I was pleased and astonished that no-one brought up that pony thing.

Other videos of other panels will be posted when the Escapist puts them up. In the meantime, I'm going to have a long sleep. Right now, on this keyboard. oesaf,.s;///////////


  1. You and Jim should do panel shows together. I must say it was really interesting to hear you list Charlie Brooker as an influence for Zero Punctuation as I've been watching a lot of 10 O'Clock Live lately. Charlie Brooker and David Mitchell are two of the funniest and most insightful people on TV. I'd be delighted to see you three appear together on an episode of QI.

  2. I would say that yes, you were being handsome and wonderful but that would be slightly creepy so instead I will say that you were witty and insightful. I greatly enjoyed watching the panels.

  3. I watched the panels as soon as they were posted. It was great to finally meet you, and yeah, you're kind of awesome. :)

  4. For some reason, when I noticed that there was no Zero Punctuation this week, I immediately checked your Wikipedia page to see if you had died.

  5. Thanks for sharing! Enjoyed all of them~

  6. It's a good thing Gabriel had all that time for editing in preparation for his next Let's Play video (if he has planned ahead).

  7. Dude, I've been trying to find Mogworld all over in Europe (at least on the interwebs). Tell me, really. Where the hell can I find this rectangle filled with magic on this continent? Please?

    1. I got it on here:

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