Friday, July 30, 2010

Not just a pretty face

As I've been repeating exhaustively lately my first novel Mogworld is coming out very soon. So I took the opportunity to make a little video answering some burning questions people had about it. Click on the big stupid image below to watch:

It was quite fun to make, perhaps there will be more of these if any more good questions come up. Good questions meaning questions other than 'will there be an audio book version read by you in a very fast voice?' which I'm afraid the entire population of Hilaritytown beat you to.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Flee to the shadows

Ha! Yes. I've done what I was threatening to do and redirected my personal site to this thing here. Mainly because up until now my system for updating the site was to change each page individually in Frontpage Express and re-upload, and consequently long periods of time would go by when I just couldn't be arsed. But now I've got this thing that's way easier to update and all I have to do is whore myself to a big blue bar along the top with an orange thing.

Doubtless there are people even now feeling the beginnings of a panic attack because some infitesimal thing has became different to how it has been for quite a while. Those people can mainline some cocaine and go back to sleep. I did this for my sake. It's a lot easier to update now. Look, here's a link to this week's Zero Punctuation. See, that was easy. If you honestly liked my old hideous site with all its reams of disorganised crap then there's still a rather obvious link to it on the side right there, along with links to everything else that still matters. Like Mogworld, which you really should buy. Hopefully now I will be considerably more arsed in my regular publishing activities.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Testin' the waters

This text is here for test purposes. Oh look! Text is here.