Thursday, June 27, 2013

And Incidentally

Time for a super-secret DVD bonus extra that only readers of my personal blog will discover. In case you missed this week's Rhymedown Spectacular, you can see it here. My contribution this week was a poem highlighting the inherent absurdity of a console, a luxury item trying to persuade us to buy it, being a long list of 'can'ts', you can't play old games, you can't play without an account etc.

Originally the poem was more of a dig at the Xbox One specifically, but the day after I wrote it, the huge Microsoft DRM backtrack happened, so I had to hurriedly reword some bits and delete two verses to make the poem more about addressing the general issues that all the consoles have to greater and lesser degrees.

But for the record, here are the two verses I cut:

You can't play games that were bought second-hand
And you can't play games that you borrow
And you can't complain that this causes you pain
'Cos we're running a business, y'know

You can't play unless there's an online connection
And a fast one at that – in your house
And you can't play unless it checked in today
Like a needy emotional spouse

Wow, lucky I did cut those, Microsoft might have brought arson charges against me if I'd unleashed burnsauce that potent.