Thursday, December 31, 2015

Puzzle Time

So I uploaded a Drown Out video to my Youtube channel, actually one we recorded ages ago that I've been sitting on for no particular reason, but then I thought, since it's New Year, why don't we do what my old middle school used to do, and bring in games?

So here's the deal: the video's unlisted and you need the link to view it. To determine the link, complete the puzzle below. Most of the clues are references to Let's Drown Out videos, or to games that Gabriel and I have done in our various LDOs, LPs and Ego Reviews. Don't spoil it! Let everyone else have the same amount of fun!

(Click for big)

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Chrimbo Dancing

You know what makes a great gift idea for people you don't know particularly well or can't bear to be around in person? Steam games! And with the Steam holiday sale now on, there's no better time to reward the introverted urban hermit in your life. Might I humbly suggest getting them The Consuming Shadow, which is 50% off until the end of the sale. That's right, just $4.99 USD. The lucky recipient will think of you every time they fight off the urge to shoot themselves in the throat.