Friday, November 10, 2023

The Wind of Change

Right, well, since I feel there's been some renewed interest in me and my work lately - that's what happens when you dramatically quit your video series of 16 years to go independent with your recently fired editor - I thought it was well past time I updated this site. So, in no particular order: 

  • Existentially Challenged is now available in every imaginable format! So, audible, print and ebook. Links in the top right. 
  • The third book in the Jacques McKeown trilogy, Will Leave The Galaxy For Good, is very much in the works and the Audible release will be some time next year. 
  • My newest game in development, Starstruck Vagabond, has a Steam page! No concrete release date yet, but keep wishlisting it so the pressure keeps getting to me. 
Oh and not much else, just the fact that I quit Zero Punctuation and the Escapist and have started a new venture alongside Nick Calandra, the Escapist's former editor in chief, and the Escapist's entire video team. It's called Second Wind, it's a 100% independently owned and funded gaming and pop culture channel, and I'm doing a weekly game review series called Fully Ramblomatic that some of you old timers will find weirdly familiar. 

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