Saturday, January 22, 2011

Quiz-ats Haderach

Alright, this time trivia quiz is DEFINITELY coming back to the Mana Bar this Tuesday, the 25th, the night before Australia Day. Definitely positively no barley cross fingers. So now it has to happen because I've said so. It's going to be the same quiz we never got around to two weeks ago so still themed around the games of 2010. Kick off from 6:30, hope to see you there. THIS time.

ZP: Fable 3. XP: World of Warcraft. That is all.


  1. Is that a Dune reference?

  2. Is that a barley reference? ... I didn't eat anything but barley today.

  3. Would seriously love to hear your thoughts on the new Duke Nukem trailer.

  4. Something tells me he's going to stay mum on Duke Nukem until actually comes out.

    Something else tells me that Gearbox is going to send him one of the first copies off the presses -- a Gold-Latinum-plated Special Edition filled with swag and autographed by all of the developers. Honestly, he has (inadvertently) done more to promote that game than anyone else.

    ...Which I imagine fills him with disgust. :-)

  5. .......... Oh! Ja! Jajaja! I almost didn't get the reference XD

  6. Oh if only I could get a ride to Australia...

    Not happening.

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