Friday, April 5, 2024

Will Leave This Trilogy Where It Is

 I'm very bloody excited to announce the release of my latest novel, the third and final book in the Jacques McKeown trilogy, Will Leave The Galaxy For Good!

Will Leave sees the hero of Will Save The Galaxy For Food and Will Destroy The Galaxy For Cash, ex-star pilot turned conman Dashford Pierce, still living in Ritsuko City and pretending to be Jacques McKeown, feeling the pressure from fans and publishers to write new books and with no idea how he's supposed to do that. Shortly, yet another series of disasters borne from his own bad decisions ensues, culminating in one last odyssey across space to find, confront, and beat the snot out of the source of all of his woes - the real Jacques McKeown himself.

This is absolutely the concluding book in the series. As for whether it's the last you'll see of Dashford Pierce, who the trac knows. As per my usual deal with Audible it's only available in audiobook form for now, and there's no set date on the print and ebook version just yet, but it'll have to be at least six months from now.

In the meantime, I'm streaming a live reading and Q&A on the Second Wind youtube channel tomorrow, meaning April 5th 2024, which will almost certainly be in the past by the time most of you read this, so here's a link to where the video's going to be:

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  1. Love the series; avid reader; hate audiobooks. I want to hate Audible for this arrangement but it occurs that maybe they were the horseshoe nail, or whatever. Was the deal a factor in getting you to write the books? If so, I'd hardly have cause for complaint.