Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The great adventure of publishing

Some important news about Mogworld (my book coming soon buy it buy it): there's going to be a little postponement on the release date. Nothing to worry about, just some technical cock up at the printers apparently, so we're now looking at an on-sale date of September 8th. And presumably the Mana Bar signing event will be around then too. Update your diaries.

It's cool, the book's still good. At least, I presume so. Maybe the publishers are just telling me this to let me down gently because the book's actually crap. I've been out with girls who used the same tactic.

Anyway, this week's Extra Punctuation is on the subject of exploration as a gameplay mechanic, and continued tongue baths for Shadow of the Colossus. Here's the clip.

"I think the use of exploration for its own merits is something that's been neglected lately. I can think of a lot of open world sandbox games that seem to actively discourage it; the ones with dreary, repetitive environments, a minimap you will spend half the game staring at, and a live GPS system to hold your hand in case the freedom gets a little bit too scary. I'm thinking of you, Red Faction Guerrilla."


  1. blud dat ting aint kl, i been waitin BARE 4 tis sik bk nd u gun nd dun a runnr? KMT fam, but klkl.. ill wait a lil 4 dis WICKD bk its kl its kl... wag1 yahtzee PEACE BLUD

  2. Can't wait for Mogworld to be released. I only let myself read 2 pages of the preview because I don't want to get into it before I'm able to complete the book.

    Good luck with the launch and get on Amazon's ass, because they still have the book listed with a 2-4 week shipping date.

  3. Shame about the delay, but still looking forward to the release :-)

  4. I will say this once, so pay attention you fucking crazy genius: when in the world will be the second part of Yahtzee Takes...!?

    And what about publishing it - that is a printed edition?
    Every time I read it it makes me laugh loud like and idiot (yeah, because I an idiot).

    Please, please, PLEASE!! A printed copy and second part!! Please, please, please!!!!


  5. Oh hell, your book was going to be my distraction from my impending A-Level results.

    I look forward to your book, when it finally comes out.

  6. amazon did warn me about the delay, saying it would get to me in early october... but i still hope to get it signed

  7. Duke Nukem Forever vibes here ;-)

    Looking forward to the book.

  8. i'm definitely looking forward to the book :D

  9. > Duke Nukem Forever vibes here ;-)

    Oooo, even in jest, that's harsh.

    Just got a note from Amazon saying the delivery date has been delayed again to 16 September. At least this time it's a firm date rather than a range.

  10. yes! you like Metroid Prime and Zelda windwaker (my two favorite Nintendo games of all time). i'm happy now.

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