Monday, August 16, 2010

A quiz for me and a quiz for you

Today I've just got a few housekeeping things to sort out. I forgot to link to an interview Tom Francis did of me for PC Gamer, so I'm going to do that now. Here's a clip.

"PC Gamer: Some of your best gags are in the animations – do you do those after you’ve recorded the review? Do you ever make a point specifically for the fun of illustrating it?

Yahtzee: I generally write the script first, then do the images, then record the voice, because sometimes I’ll be making the images and realise a point can’t be easily visualised and I need to reword it a bit. Colourful analogies help. ‘This game controls bad’ doesn’t immediately throw up an image, but ‘this game handles like a stag on an icy lake with its antlers tied to two different windmills’ does."

Other topics include my occasional game development aspirations, my guilty pleasures, and inevitably another plug for my book. Check it out.

Closer to home, we're working on sorting out a signing event for Mogworld to take place at the Mana Bar. It's going to be an event where you can buy copies of the book and get them personally signed and it looks like it's going to take place some time around the end of August. The book's official release is still August 18th (although I hear some Amazon preorders missed the first printing and will have to wait a bit longer), but it may take some time for a stock to finally get to us, plus I'm going on a week's holiday next Saturday. Doing it a bit later might work out better, on reflection, 'cos it'll give people who ordered the book time to get their copies so they can bring them in for signing.

As for signing events elsewhere, none are currently planned. Give me a break, I don't have the kind of lifestyle where I can just drop everything and do an international tour. Maybe for the second book if the first one becomes, you know, global #1 bestseller and ensures I never have to work again. Mm.

Finally, in Mana Bar-related news, I'll be hosting Gaming Trivia Night there again this Tuesday from around 6:30, so feel free to drop in and register a team. Half gaming trivia, half general knowledge, but no half measures where prizes are concerned, I assure you that. Come on down and be a man, or woman, or whatever unnatural combination of the two you are.


  1. You sure you can't do a signing in Orlando, Florida, United States? Its only, what, tens of thousands of miles of ocean between us? You could use a paddle boat to cross that, right?


    I'm never getting a signed copy of Mogworld in Florida am I?

  2. If you happen to hit the UK at somepoint, you'd better do some sort of signing gig. Ignore the Americans, they don't matter.

  3. > If you happen to hit the UK at somepoint [sic],
    > you'd better do some sort of signing gig.

    He can't; he has to avoid Rebecca Mayes.

    Nice insight in to your ZP work process (and I say that with complete and utter detachment, with no ulterior motive or personal investment in the knowledge whatsoever, nope, nope). If ZP is full-time for you, how on Earth do you manage to also write a novel, write Extra Punctuation weekly, and co-own a bar?

  4. Is that a hole in the crotch of your jeans in that picture on PC Mag?

  5. Just out of interest, If I'd managed to say something wittier after bollocking-up for half-an-hour to tap you on the shoulder and say "you're completely unapproachable" would it have paid off?

    Or shall I begin printing shirts that say "I was told to bog off by Yahtzee Croshaw" ? I think I'll make a killing.

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