Friday, July 15, 2011

Mana From Heaven

ZPs: Infamous 2, Alice: Madness Returns, Shadows of the Damned
XPs: Maturity, Infamous 2 and weapons

Now then, you followers of my storied life who live in Melbourne are probably at least dimly aware now that Mana Bar Melbourne, the second of what will no doubt eventually be a McDonalds-like global chain of video game cocktail bars, is opening this Saturday. Tomorrow, in fact, the 16th of July. The bar opens at 12 noon and, as with the Brisbane bar, there'll be free entry and free games for as many people as we're allowed to squeeze in, which is limited, so you might want to start queueing now. The bar can be found at 336 Brunswick Street. Not the Brunswick Street in Brisbane where the Brisbane Mana Bar is, confusingly, the Brunswick Street in Melbourne, in Fitzroy.

I fly out there mere hours after writing this post so I'll be there on the Saturday with a big box of copies of Mogworld to sell and a big pen for signing them with. Regrettably I won't be there on Sunday, some of us actually have lives to lead, can't waste away all our time getting ratarsed and playing Marvel Vs. Capcom, so if you don't make it on the Saturday you'll have to wait for my next fleeting visit.


  1. Sounds great, open one in Coolum!!!

  2. PS Go to the next Supa Nova with your book & I'll buy one in BrisVegas ;) Love your zero punctuation my teen put me onto them, they rip ;)

  3. Wished I had a flying chocolate saber-tooth moose lion so I can fly over to Melbourne myself. But then again if I could I'd most likely get lost on purpose. So how about you open an Mana Bar in Los Angeles.

  4. Toowoomba needs a Mana Bar because it has the largest population of an inland non-capital city in Australia. Also everyone in Toowoomba is always drunk so they will greatly appreciate it.

  5. Seriously, we Americans are dying for a classy drinking joint. One that doesn't smell like piss would be great. A welcome change.

  6. I left you a message on FB but I want to be sure you get it so here it is... Please, kind sir, review Men of War. The escapist has a good piece on why it's so good.​m/articles/view/issues/issue_2​26/6734-A-View-From-the-Trench​es

    The game is a bit old, but, hey, you could take it as a leaping off point for games you missed the first time around. Might be fun!

  7. Your next Mana Bar should open in Seattle. I'm just saying. We're like, right there. You'd get all the Valve employees, plus all the gamers, plus all the hipsters who hate video games and are going to the bar for irony points. It'd be perfect.

  8. Right, so next...Toronto, Canada.

  9. Okay so when Canada rules the world you open one up here yes? lol

  10. Hey, Yahtzee, bring this thing back to your homeland! Though I can't pay 50 quid to get to London each time, so... Mana Bar Leicester?

  11. As much as I'd like to post something like "omg, Mana Bar (insert location here) plz?!", I'd rather say, congrats on opening your second location. I hope your guys' second location is as awesomely successful as the first. Keep up the good work!

  12. Hey Yahtzee open a Mana on the Moon! LOLZ!!1

    But before that, hearty congratulations on the thriving business. Well done to you and your cohorts.

  13. Hi Yahtzee! Went to the Mana Bar in Fitzroy last night, was a real classy joint and the drinks were great.

    Hopefully you can extend your license past 11pm! As we were in line from 9-10 and only got an hour to enjoy Raskulls and Street Fighter while intoxicated. I'll hopefully be seeing you when you next come down from Brisbane!

    Also I met Yug! He's a lot more effeminate in real life than he sounds in podcasts or in videos. But he was very nice

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