Wednesday, August 10, 2011

None Too Trivial

Here we go again because I put off updating for a while:

ZPs: FEAR 3, Ocarina of Time 3D, Call of Juarez: The Cartel
XPs: Oh just go down the archive page

Now, I must apologise for there not being a quiz in the Brisbane Mana Bar this week, because I'm preparing for the inaugural trivia night at Melbourne when I head down to that other city next week.

I've made the details tiresomely clear many times over the last 30 quizzes I've done in Brisbane, but here they are again for you shiny new Melbourne peeps: show up on the night before 7 to register a team of 2 to 6 players. No one-man teams, but if you do show up alone we'll group you up with other people so you make many new friends. There are 4 rounds of 36 questions in all, half of which are gaming related, half of which are general. Also: prizes. Things will be fun.

But if you miss the night (Tuesday, August 16th) and you desperately need to question me on my opinion on Kingdom Hearts or whatever, I'm going to be in Melbourne for the week, and will no doubt be stopping in the bar on several evenings. I'm there for the Freeplay event at the State Library of Victoria, a wonderful festival of independent games and the examination of gaming as culture and all that. I'm taking part in a panel on Sunday the 21st called The Words That We Use in which we'll discuss the importance of criticism and the critical culture around art. There will no doubt be fun to be had. Tickets are on sale for the conference, but there's also going to be a FREE expo with FREE interviews for those of you who aren't committed. Things, too, will be fun.


  1. that's almost too much fun for one update!

  2. Please can you put up a new Show and Tell pod cast sometime soon. I greatly enjoy the banter between you and Gabriel.

    Sam from Yorkshire.

  3. Play Yahtzee Against Michael.
    Try your luck against my almost unbeatable computer strategy.

  4. Hey, whatever happened to Game Damage?

  5. Well, I'm not on twitter, so here's as good a place to ask as any:

    Why do you think there aren't any more decent space sims? The Mass Effect franchise comes closest to what I have in mind, but it's terribly deficient in all of the things I enjoyed in the genre: a sense of real exploration and unexpected surprises, a license for unbridled invention, and actual SPACE——not just in terms of the flavor of setting, but also the communication of a sense of vast distances. EVE Online is a bit like this but plays more like a spreadsheet than a game. I suppose what I'm getting at is: have you ever played Star Control 2, and do you think a game like that will ever be made again or would even be marketable to the average player?

  6. Good Sir! I think it about time you lived up to the title of your webpage and posted another bizarre and slightly disturbing conversation between you and Gabe.

  7. Are we do for a podcast soon?

  8. Hey Yahtzee!
    Does your brother work in a shoe shop in keswick back in the UK? To be more specific, does he have a wart on his right middle finger? If so, I think I've met him. He has the exact same colouring as you and has a rather slight build. If I have found him, pat him on the back for dealing with my mother for hours and not breaking anything when she didn't even buy anything.

  9. i just found i'm being evicted on the first day back at college i could really use a podcast about now


    Silent Hill is officially dead

  11. Yatzee. You look really tired in that flyer, for some reason. That said, I do enjoy reading your commentaries and watching your reviews. Good stuff.

  12. @Adam
    Holy Shit. What is Konami thinking? Making a Multiplayer Silent Hill Game is like making an Action Film sequel of Angela's Ashes.

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  14. Are you planning on making a new podcast any time soon?

  15. Ben,

    How about going back to your roots a bit and making something new, preferably an adventure game.

  16. Jesus Yahtzee, it's October! I'd have to agree a new podcast would be as welcome as a new kind of non-addictive consequence free crystal meth made of rainbows and chocolate so please post a new one soon!

  17. Been a while, hasn't it? Since a new podcast? Just wondering... [whistles]

  18. Benjamin, have a cup of tea. Relax. Ignore these idiots who are calling for your enforced diligence. Pee as well.

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