Sunday, February 26, 2012

Eggs On Additional Legs

Aaand here's the second instalment of the egg-cellent adventure that began here. In this concluding half, Dizzy visits Australia, ascends to the heavens (about fifty feet off the ground) and rescues his woman from a profoundly disinterested antagonist.

Ha ha ha. 'Henpecked'. And he's an egg. We could've made a little joke out of that, couldn't we.


  1. i guess it would make me a horrible person to say that daisy scarily resembles my mom lol

  2. I'm seeing a new series here. You and Gabe doing Let's Play videos for old, random games would be hilarious! You guys have great chemistry for this stuff!

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  4. Yahtze , you should check out Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason .
    Sorry to write this here , but it looks like your kinda of thing (I dont say REVIEW it BITCH , jsut chek it out) .
    its a pc exclusive survival horror game set it 1980`s.
    Hope you see this comment

  5. That was fun, I'd certainly watch more of these old games in this kind of podcast format. And I'm so happy you remembered to start recording in time for the tree/clouds climbing part.

    I was a bit too young for games at this time but I did manage to play some games on the Tandy something (actually it was a clone of the Tandy something). I rememeber few names though: Pyjamarama, Pegasus and.. I remember two names, ok.

    There was also a text adventure, which is where I've learned my first words in english "open door", "walk west", "close window".. All I remember about it was a house in a snowy mountain and my head cut off by orcs and put on the fireplace. Ah.. the childhood memories.

  6. This is unrelated to the video but I'm part of a small con that would like to show your Zero Punctuation videos as part of a video room, do you have an email address where I can talk to you about that?

  7. Damn, you and Gabe make an awesome team. This let's play is awesome, and the pacing is spot-on, completely entertaining throughout. I don't often watch "let's plays", but I would watch more of these.
    Also, after watching this I looked up that Genesis game and then face-palmed when I saw that the edges of the cartridge are all rounded to try to make it look more egg-like.
    Lastly, FUCK YEAH, ALEX KIDD! I made this, if you want me to send it to you I totally will;

  8. You seem pretty stoned recording this. You and Gabriel are hands down my favourite people to watch play games. Other players don't get along the way you two do, and seem to shy away from the characters they play. You guys just jump in head first and acknowledge that half of the reason people watch these videos is because of the people playing.

    You guys have a great dynamic and you're both intelligent and hilarious in your own ways. Makes for excellent entertainment, keep these LP's coming.

  9. Ah this brings back memories, horrible, frustrating memories. Fantasy World Dizzy was one of the first games I completed on the old Amiga 500, along with Treasure Island Dizzy, the coins were even more of a sod to find in that one,
    Several laugh out loud moments in this video, "Wizard couldn't give-a-shit" not being present always got me too, "I've captured Daisy, so I'm just going to leave her in this cage and go do my shopping, because there's no way in hell the puzzle solving egg who beat me last time will find his way up here!"
    And on the lack of Hat from the cover, the Amiga version actually had Dizzy wearing his hat in the game...only problem was the portrait of him in the top left corner of the screen had him wielding a stave, which would have been bloody handy for several of the puzzles in this game.

  10. Pfff - listen to him claiming he was "ironically" saying this was his favourite game XD XD We all know that's just to look cool in front of your new friends!

    For those who can't get enough of Dizzy, here's a bit of the Consolevania boys talking about the next game in the series -

  11. It was fun to watch. I enjoyed the banter between yourself and Gabe and I'm hoping you get chance and inclination to do more.

    Stick with the classics though. The younger generation may not appreciate it, but most of them also bought Call of Duty.

  12. I really enjoyed these, but at a number of times Gabe was talking and you just talked right over him, and then never really "went back" so we could hear what he was saying. Those made me feel bad for Gabe. You should be nicer to him!

  13. The back and forth between you was fun, enjoyed listening to it...definitely more so than playing this damn thing waaaay back when.


  15. I understand your job is rather demanding, but for us armchair activists and common folk wandering the lonely avenues of the internet for some form of entertainment to fill our lives with your sunshines-out-of-your-arse style of witticism that fills the neverending void in our lives, I beseech thee to post more of your ramblings (see what I did there? Very clever).
    If you want to play a really shit game to review I recommend Altered Beast as I never got the point of the bloody thing.
    I bet you dont read this anyway, since you will be far too busy quizzing pissed up punters in the brighter side of Brisbane, but your podcast noise cloud thing is highly amusing and is a nice break from my own job as a projectionist at my local Odeon. I would like to recommend to you that you go to the Odeon in Harrogate, as it is the foulest, most expensive and least pleasant experience I have ever had in a cinema, something i am sure you would gain nothing, but learn alot from your experience.
    IF you do another noise excrement, may you call Gabriel "Gabes Babes" as it sounds flipping ridiculous and he sounds like he should be called that.

    Nice book by the way. GUSH.

  16. Hah. I like how when you rescue Daisy, as well as the death music playing, it still says "Daisy's Prison" at the top. Indeed.

  17. Some of the Dizzy games were released on NES by Camerica. I own Quattro Adventures, which features Treasure Island Dizzy.

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