Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dream A Little Dream (Web)

Here's all four parts of the Dreamweb LP. I released them on Youtube but I wanted to keep the Poacher 1.1 announcement at the top of the blog for a bit. Have you got all the achievements yet? What are you, some kind of Southern poof?


  1. Oh, the times when "controversy in videogame" didn't mean "everyone is gay".

    Nice work.

  2. Hey,

    Some of these videos are actually quite nice to watch.
    I never heard you mentioning, but as a reviewer you should've heard these games: "I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream", "The Dark Eye". Both written by novelists, both quite unique,too. If you have nothing special chosen for your next games, give these a hand.
    Also, another two games worthy of a go come in mind: "Bad Day on Midway" by The Residents and "Darkseed".

  3. I played the voice version except, if memory serves, Crane was by himself and just had a dark patch for a crotch. I paid for those four pixels dammit!

  4. Ah the perfect way to wake up in the morning:
    a cup of coffee, bowl of cereal, someone getting axed in the neck, and a 4 pixel dick.

    Nice. lol

  5. Watched through all of the let's play yesterday and really enjoyed it, probably the best so far. Keep up the good work!

  6. You've got some nerve, wanting to advertise your own stuff on your personal blog!

  7. Dreamweb was one of those old games I always wanted to play, because I only read the journal that came with the game and it sounded cool. Half glad I didn't, half not so much. It was interesting from a "when game design goes wrong" kind of way...

  8. Pretty sure that High Definition Computer summed up the entire plot of Johnny Mnemonic

  9. Keep updating, you still have some fans who somewhat appreciate your existence

  10. I know a lot of games don't actually get finished before release but this one doesn't seem near half done. Things really stop making sense after the general is killed and it's just moving from A to B and using the gun on things.

  11. Can't wait for the next Let's Play and/or Podcast!

  12. And I had just gotten over my nine inch nails addiction...

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