Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Jam Packed

Well tickle my nuts, because Dark Horse Books has made the announcement that my second novel, JAM, will be released later this year. With slightly less of a video game focus than my work usually is, JAM is a dark comedy in which a small group of survivors is forced to deal with the one apocalypse no-one saw coming: an infinite, crimson doom that smells strongly of strawberries.

In other book news, the e-version of Mogworld is now available for the Nook and Kobo E-readers. Kindle is apparently still being sorted out, but is in the works. The audio book will also be in the works as soon as I pull my finger out and start recording it, which isn't easy when I seem to get a new round of tonsillitis every bloody month.


  1. Will it make me forever fearful of my favorite condiment? ONLY ONE WAY TO FIND OUT

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. After I read your book "Mogworld," which I just ordered today and is on the way as I speak. I'm hoping I can read this one next eventually...Bonus if it has your voice reading it to me when you're well enough. You're amazing Yahtzee!!!

    EDIT: Sorry for the re-sent, I spelled something wrong...

  4. Oddly, I have recently read a My Little Pony fanfiction with the same general plot.

  5. hmmm it would be interesting to see how this and mogworld are tangentially connected since it is a jam apocolapse and all

    1. You might even call it a jampocalypse.
      ....yes, I'm a dork, sorry.

    2. and what one must do during a jampocolapse is to fight back using jam's old foe....PEANUT BUTTER!!
      (nah don't apologize ;P)

    3. Peanut butter guns. Peanut butter sticky grenades. Peanut butter tipped arrows. This could work...

    4. and dont forget peanut butter homing missiles lol there could be a feature film outta this

  6. Hmmm...can't even find Mogworld where I'm from...

  7. Shouldn't it be, "small groups of survivors 'are' forced"?

    1. A small GROUP is forced. His grammar is correct.

      Sorry I had to point that out.

  8. Good to see Yahtzee has done another novel, I really enjoyed Mogworld.

    On a side note, Yahtzee, is there a particular reason you used Yahtzee Croshaw on the front cover, rather than Ben Croshaw?

    1. Probably for practicality reasons. I.e. to be able to recognize him; and since most people know him as Yahtzee...

  9. Usually I read enough during my day-time job, so the few books I read had better work hard at catching and keeping my interest. Mogworld was one of the few quirky titles that managed just that.

    I have four questions for you about this book release:

    Since this question is going to come up alot, when will Jam be available for pre-order?

    Will you be doing a Q&A like you did on Mogworld?

    Will you, please, do a Q&A like you did on Mogworld?

    In the first Q&A on Mogworld you pretended to play a piano piece on your laptop. I have been searching high and low to find out which, alas, to no avail. What is that piece?

  10. Awww yeah.
    Loved Mogworld.
    It really rekindled my interest in reading.
    So I'm definitly gonna buy this.
    Jam Apocalypse?!

  11. Will definitely get this. I just hope it won't make me traumatised at the sight of jam.

  12. Your books as audio books, spoken by yourself just blew my mind away. Please make that happen! :)

    1. I can't second this hard enough. I'm looking forward to your voice stroking my coc...hlea.

  13. "...the one apocalypse no-one saw coming: an infinite, crimson doom that smells strongly of strawberries."

    Actually, reading this, I was immediately reminded of Jasper Fforde's novel, "Lost in A Good Book" (second in the Thursday Next series, which is actually rather good) where he touches on a similar idea. Thursday's father, who travels throughout time, has been to the future and wants Thursday to help stop the apocalypse, which takes the form of the entire planet being covered in pink Dream Topping. It hadn't actually happened yet, however, so it's not a survival tale as I presume "Jam" will be.

    ...But the question I actually wanted to ask: I just recently finished reading "Fog Juice," and not long before that I read, "Articulate Jim," and would like to know -- will the protagonist of this book be named Jim?

  14. Cannot wait to go through Mogworld again, & with YOU leading the way!

  15. Had to chuckle at the Dark Horse link / URL. "yahtzee-croshaw-returns-jam"

    I imagine with a seething review.

  16. Just what I need, another book to read...*sigh* I'll be getting it. ;p

  17. Perhaps the sequel could be named after some sort of peanut butter condiment. A "Bean" perhaps?

  18. Most definitely grabbing this - Mogworld was classic.

  19. A black comedy called Jam, not alluding to a certain black comedy series by Chris Morris that aired way back in 1999-2000 I suppose?

    Anyho sounds really sweet (heh) will definately pick it up for a read if it reaches shelves by the end of this year. Oh yea when are you and Gabe doing another lets play? (was going to try Dream web as on the surface it looked like a decent cyberpunk Point and click, but on the higher authority of the lp probably will give it a miss. Oh, do you know if Bloodnet is worth a gander?)

  20. Also I hope you recover from your tonsillitis soon :)

  21. It's just a godamm book, keep it up buttmunch

  22. Carnivorous jam? Could this be related to that joke at the start of your 'Dead Island' review?

  23. Looking forward to getting Mogworld on my Kindle. Though I almost want to hold out for the audio version. Eh, I'll grab both. Keep it up, Mr. Croshaw!

  24. Oh, pissing blimey, there's JAM coming out of the walls!

  25. You aren't fooling anyone, Yahtzee, this is just like that Dead Island ZP review joke.

  26. Still waiting on the Kindle version of Mogworld, Loving ZP and EP though.

  27. Will it be more like Articlate Jim. 'a search for something' or Fog juice?

  28. nice posting. thanks for sharing

  29. When I read Mogworld I imagine it spoken by you anyway. Listening to you reading it would be brilliant


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  33. I don't seem to be able to find the link to buy a drm-free ebook of Jam. Any chance you could help me out?

  34. found one! It's in this weeks Humble Bundle for books :)

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