Sunday, April 10, 2011


Yes, I can confirm that trivia night at the Mana Bar is this week, the 12th, from 6:30. I've got a poster for it now so there's no backsies.

There's Duke Nukem Forever-related prizes and the usual serving of fun to be had. Also, in an unprecedented move, because of the week delay we will be having the next trivia night one week after this one, not two, so there'll be less of a wait this time for the event that keeps your interest in the world alive.

Anyway, ZP was Pokemon White. XP was about Dragon Age 2 romances. And this week I also did a Q&A thing on Reddit because they told me to and I folded like a coward on an ironing board.


  1. You didn't answer my question on reddit. That really hurt :'(

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  3. Loved the comments on the DA2 romances. I did read the post from that interesting *cough*tool*cough* gentleman that wrote about his apparent inability to deal with his own insecurities and how games should only be made with this idea that the majority of all gamers are straight males who are as easily sent reeling by even the idea that a male npc might look at their fictional rpg avatars with more on their mind than guns, swords and football. I did immediately feel like ranting at the deranged lunatic for a while but felt I would be wasting my time because for one thing as a female gamer I apparently don't exist and also because I would rather spend my time giving myself a facial with a cheese grater than deal with him at all. Anyway back to my real point - because I'm sure I had one in there somewhere - I've actually played through the game three times now. (New games are expensive and I'm fairly easily amused) Twice as a female character, one with a male love interest, and the other with a female interest. And I've played once with a male who had a male love interest. Just because I thought it would be interesting even though my own personal preferences are geared toward me+man doesn't mean my fictional character has to be the same or that I should feel threatened or disgusted if another female character were to hit on me. It actually didn’t make the slightest difference to the game for me. With the game the romances happened as they did because that was either where I felt that character was heading and it gelled at the time or because I thought it might be particularly funny to see where it went. C'mon the love scenes in Origins were pretty hilarious. The point is, gay or straight, didn't matter because the character on the screen isn't me. Right, rant over, promise.

  4. So you're doing an actual ZP review of Duke right? According to Google, whatever April fool's day prank or whatever review you put up is good enough for most people.

    If you don't take the Duke seriously (LOL U CAN'T), someone's bound to rip off your head and shit down your neck.

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