Saturday, April 30, 2011

Links Awakening

Alright, gonna be a bit of a linkstorm today. I do have a tendency to not update this blog for weeks, so in case anyone actually still reads it you should know that the best way to get the most up to the minute updates on my shit is to follow my twitter (@yahtzeecroshaw) or just check The Escapist regularly. But whatevs, here's the usual business, the ZPs and XPs since the last update:

ZPs: Yakuza 4, Crysis 2, the 3DS
XPs: 100 percenters, locations, invisibility

For those who liked that podcast between me and Gabriel in the most recent previous update, I should think we will be doing more, but in the meantime there's plenty of podcasty action featuring me to keep you going, because not only did I do one with Mikey Neumann for the Escapist, but I also guested recently once again on the Australian Gamer podcast while I was visiting Yug in Melbourne. Blimey, that's a lot of me talking.

In Mana Bar news, you'll all (ALL) be pleased to know that since you demanded it (or rather, a poll on Facebook indicated that you wouldn't mind), Yahtzee's no-holds-barred video game Trivia Night is moving to alternate Mondays, since the Tuesdays were having to be nudged around a lot for events and suchlike. The first quiz of the new regime will be this coming Monday, the 2nd. Bring a team of 2 to 6 people from 6 o'clock and a good time will be had be all.

Hm. That didn't seem like nearly enough links for a linkstorm. So let's recommend another Let's Play. Lately I've particularly been enjoying Let's Play Assassin's Creed by user Geop, who combines an entertaining commentary of the gameplay with interesting and extremely well-researched history lessons giving a little background to the events of the game. It's still on the SA forum so you might have trouble if you're not a member, but the game's nearly finished now so it should be on the LP archive soon.


  1. i like the poster :)
    i'll have to look for that mikey podcast next time i'm on the escapist site

  2. Yep, you still have readers. Loved the podcast here but the one with Mike is..okay but not great.
    (also I started a podcast too would love your input! )

  3. SA randomly shuts off access to the forum but simply getting the user's respective blip/viddler account will let you watch the entire LP sans the thread (Chip Cheezum/Tipping Forties/Freelance Astronauts all have their own sites too). Obviously this doesn't apply to screenshot LPs.

    You should mention the Deadly Premonition thread in an actual ZP vid methinks. It is quite possibly the greatest visual media produced in this century.

  4. Thanks for the link. I love AC, but the first game is a blur for me.

  5. There was a first Assassin's Creed game? They all kinda melt together to me, really. A bunch of fun (if a tad tedious) climbing with an 'oh shit' moment tacked on at the climax. Not bad. Not GOOD, but not BAD, per se.

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  7. Looking back the March 28th 2009 post was what got me into watching LPs in the first place. Thank you sir Yahtzee for enabling to waste time without having to put any effort forth whatsoever, my altogether overworked thumbs are now rejuvenated.

    Something Awful still gives off this pretentious groupthink aura (especially the LP forum) so I never bothered to register there despite looking at literally hundreds of LPs over the past 2 years. Is that a correct assertion or just me being paranoid? Hmm...

  8. Love your work at ZP even if I dont always agree with everything you say. Ever thought of giving Dwarf Fortress a dashing review?

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  10. Since Yahtzee is criticizing everything perhaps someone could suggest what they would like in a handheld gaming device. Maybe some sort of contraption in which you slam your fist repeatedly into a rubbery substance until you snap it in one final hit and fall to the ground in complete ecstasy. I could do with one of those.

  11. Yahtzee, you suave quasi-Aussie you, while you're doing retro games, how about a Fatal Frame? I recommend number two.

  12. It says you do not exist on twitter :/

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