Sunday, April 3, 2011

Keeping house

ZPs thus far: Two Worlds 2, Bulletstorm, Killzone 3, Kirby's Epic Yarn and Dragon Age 2 (phew)
XPs: Hybrids, Let's Plays, regenerating health, the BAFTAs and death.

I've also started doing a co-operative column with other Escapist contributors called Extra Consideration (I guess the Escapist like running with a theme). It started off between me and the two video creators who make a living from ripping me off, James from Extra Credits and Moviebob, but recent instalments have included Shamus Young and Graham Stark. It's like a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen tag team event for massive nerds.

EDIT - I previously mentioned here that there was going to be a trivia night this week, but apparently there actually isn't and some dafties forgot to mention that fact to me, so it'll actually be next Tuesday (the 12th) instead. Coh.

And I also wanted to give some update on an electronic edition of Mogworld. It's definitely on the cards but the question of when it comes about is one that only the publishers Dark Horse can answer, so your efforts would be better spent nagging them than me. They're working on the delivery method. In the meantime, the physical edition hasn't gone anywhere and is still just as available from all good online retailers, and carries a satisfying weight in your hands that an E-Reader lacks.

Now, one of the XP's listed above was talking up the Let's Play thing, which is a circle of internet hobbyists with too much disposable income to spend on recording materials who play games and make videos of them. I have a lot of interest in the practise, so I thought I'd start using this blog to give individual recommendations of good Let's Plays.

So for today's update let me draw attention to the adventures of helloitsdan and lithuanian dad, who never fail to amuse. Mercenaries 2 is probably their magnum opus to date, hosted on their own site unaffiliated with the LP archive, in which the slightly effete Dan attempts to play mother to the slightly reckless Dad and at one point discover the potential of tugboats as assassination methods. The pair are currently up to their elbows in Lost Planet 2 but you'll need Something Awful forums access to investigate that one, you scrub.


  1. I went to WHSmiths and asked "will you be stocking the smash hit debut novel mogworld by internet sensation yhatzze croshaw" thay said thay hald never heard of it :(

  2. I think you should do a ZP of Sucker Punch. I know it's being marketted as a "film," but I think its just am advertising thing. Has lots of flashy cutscenes, lots of nice realistic brown graphics, action sequences are somewhat enjoyable, and it has an almost coherent storyline. Interactivity is on a par with several other games you've reviewed, similar to Heavy Rain or Final Fantasy XIII. I would definitely love to see your take on it.

  3. I got my copy from Waterstones. WHSmiths is not a bookshop, it's a glorified magazine rack.

  4. I'm surprised you haven't done anything on Magicka yet, Yahtzee.

    I got Mogworld from Book Depository.

  5. > ...I also wanted to give some update on an
    > electronic edition of Mogworld. It's definitely
    > on the cards but the question of when it comes
    > about is one that only the publishers Dark Horse
    > can answer [ ... ] They're working on the
    > delivery method.

    Tell them to look into this thing called HTTPD. Many implementations out there. In fact, they may already be using it and not realize it. Works great.

    On the other hand, if they're looking at delivery format (i.e. what container the book is delivered in), I'm currently a modest fan of EPUB due to its open nature and its building on HTML, a well-understood and -supported format.

    If you'd like to muck about with EPUB, the Free Software tools Sigil and Calibre are good places to start. Sigil is focused on editing, whereas Calibre is focused on format conversion and managing your e-book library.

  6. Come ALL THE WAY from Seattle to Perth, take the train economy-class across THREE THOUSAND KILOMETERS of hostile, camel-controlled Nullarbor, scratch and claw my way up the coast to Brisbane, and make it here by Monday night to hole up in the slums of Roma Street just to have the TUESDAY TRIVIA NIGHT CANCELLED?

    My heart is broken, Yahtzee. I may never trust again.

    But I still love ZP.

  7. "I have a lot of interest in the practise, so I thought I'd start using this blog to give individual recommendations of good Let's Plays."

    That wuld be a great idee, I like watching Lets Plays to ^^

  8. On the subject of your hybrid survival horror/strategy game idea, i thought i'd point out that it already exists, sort of: is a free hl2 mod that sets one player as the "Zombie Master", controlling and spawning the undead, fighting the rest of the players.

  9. Did you know the Escapist site still says "When he isn't talking very fast into a headset mic he also designs freeware adventure games and has a novel coming out soon." ? They probably need to change that last bit.

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